At Ruschke und Partner, there’s always something going on. A new account, a new colleague, a new project. In this section you can find out what we’re up to at the moment, what drives us, and what we’re proud of. Short, sweet, and right to the point. Enjoy!

The 4th Dimension. The New Porsche Panamera.

In September 2009 Porsche is unleashing its 4th model series: the new Panamera. For its product launch, the global Porsche dealership network is being supported with a number of training activities.

Ruschke und Partner is overseeing the design and production of the training brochure „Panamera Product Information“ in this conjunction. The brochure provides detailed information on the technical specifications of the Panamera, as well as the strategic competition. Ruschke und Partner is coordinating the compilation of the different language versions directly with the respective Porsche subsidiaries in the market. The brochure will comprise 270 pages and be done in six languages.

KINDERTRÄUME 2011 – The Social Campaign of the German Soccer Federation

With its campaign KINDERTRÄUME 2011 („kids’ dreams“), the men’s national soccer team is joining forces with the German Soccer Federation in 2009, 2010 and 2011 to sponsor nationwide social institutions which promote the welfare of children. The goal is to support a broad range of various long-term projects and groups.

Ruschke und Partner is overseeing the conceptual design, layout and implementation of targeted media (including an image brochure, campaign box, poster, press backdrop and certificate) to be used for the initiative. A holistic design was developed for the KINDERTRÄUME 2011 campaign.