Dialog Marketing

New channels and technologies are making communication with various target groups increasingly complex. This makes it all the more important to develop a strong concept that can be executed throughout the entire customer journey and across all channels.

To establish this strong concept, we first analyse the needs and motives of your target group and the preferred communication channels. We integrate current trends and technologies and consistently digitalise – as long as this approach grabs peoples’ attention, inspires them and bonds them! Sometimes a charming “physical” solution is a better solution or door opener: for example, a high-quality print mailing to strengthen a customer relationship or as the starting signal for a cross-media campaign. 

Our strength lies in consistent cross-media and cross-channel thinking. Our specialists develop customised digital and analogue cost-optimised solutions, from acquisition mailings for new customer acquisition to multi-stage dialog measures and customer loyalty programmes.

Companies of all sizes trust our experience, expertise and strong network of partners. Through dialog, we help to identify and develop market potential with the right strategy, the right message and the right channels.

Our Range of Services

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Cross-media Dialogue Marketing
  • Social Media / email Marketing
  • CRM
  • Data Management
  • Print and Fulfilment Management
  • Success and Cost Monitoring
  • and much more
Cross-media door-opener campaign
Consultancy, concept/text, design and print/online realisation including webcast hosting

The objective was to initiate contact with important IT decision-makers at large companies (qualified leads) for which no double opt-in was yet available. We developed a suitable cross-media dialogue approach.

A personal cover letter in the original handwriting of Dell’s CEO conveyed high esteem and introduced an element of surprise. Everything was produced in an ultra-realistic quality that included pencil imprints in the paper.

This extraordinary, exclusive and tangibly high-quality mailing contained information with high added value for the target group. It included an offer of personal support and links to 3 exclusive expert presentations.

Recipients were able access the 3 on-demand webcasts via a special landing page. This ensured effective information transfer and made it possible to measure the success of the campaign directly.

Dialogue marketing for Galaxy NX camera launch
Conception and realization of dialogue measures for various target groups

For the launch of the Samsung Galaxy NX camera Ruschke und Partner realized a dialogue marketing campaign, including direct mail and a microsite.

The quality portfolio contains comprehensive product information (catalogue and journal), while the front page features a 6-page "camera folder" in original size.

The folder features a user report, which authentically describes the advantages of the Galaxy NX from the perspective of the target group. The camera is displayed in its original size on the front and back.

To address the heterogeneous target groups individually, different letter versions were developed.

Every letter contains a personalized invitation card in bank card format with a personal promotional code.

The workplace of tomorrow: campaign for medium-sized businesses
Concept for and realisation of a direct marketing campaign for medium-sized businesses

The focus of this campaign was to expand Dell’s business among medium-sized companies. Our mailing concept was based on a logical customer focus: a Dell solution for “the workplace of tomorrow” and ...

... the presentation of selected products for successful workforce transformation and the opportunity to test these products for 30 days free of charge and with no obligations.

The classy mailing box contains a welcome card, four cards featuring a succinct explanation of the benefits of each product, and an integrated reply card.

Recipients were able to request the desired device using the test voucher with the selection/reply card inside. The campaign was so successful that the rental products were reproduced. Customer relationships and sales were sustainably strengthened.

Porsche Middle East & Africa
Dialogue programme for the launch of the Porsche 911 Carrera
Concept for a cross-media dialogue programme. Objective: Making contact with potential customers, participation in the launch event and ongoing follow-up dialogue

Ruschke and Partner developed a cross-media dialogue campaign for the launch of the Porsche 911 Carrera. The target group consisted of potential and existing customers in the Middle East. The campaign involved the use of personalised URLs.

The multi-stage campaign for the launch (including offline and online invitations and follow-up) produced a high response rate and level of attendance at the event.

High awareness through personalisation of the microsite and pre-event trailers for each event. Online registration and automated ticket dispatch; participants were registered during the event via QR code.

Personalised follow-up dialogue initiated by means of an e-mail/text message with a link to the post-event microsite, an exclusive post-event trailer and a direct opportunity to book a test drive.

Danone Waters
Volvic Coffee promotion campaign
Consultancy/format development, production and lettershop/distribution

We realised a promotion campaign for the market launch of Volvic Coffee, a new Volvic mineral water with a coffee infusion and fruit flavour. The objective was to introduce Volvic Coffee as a new, premium-quality product and increase awareness.

The exclusive presentation box contains 3 different Volvic Coffee flavours and – with the addition of a classy sales folder – supports the eye-catching presentation of Volvic Coffee.

It's all about the taste: in order to conquer the market, this innovative product was presented to selected trade partners, the trade press and influencers for tasting.

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