At Ruschke und Partner, there’s always something going on. A new account, a new colleague, a new project. In this section you can find out what we’re up to at the moment, what drives us, and what we’re proud of. Short, sweet, and right to the point. Enjoy!

Shooting for the goal!

New season, new outfit, new tricot sponsor: Ruschke und Partner furnished players of the handball club TSG Oberursel with new gear.

Women’s handball has been at home in Oberursel for over 50 years. Nearly 30 years ago women were already playing in the national league, and later in the regional league. Unfortunately, this calibre couldn’t be kept up over time, but with this young team’s recent entry into the state league, an attempt is being made to reach that high standard once again. We wish them good luck!


Porsche Global Training

[Translate to Englisch:] Porsche Global Training

Ruschke und Partner are overseeing the creation of worldwide sales and after sales training brochures for the Panamera V6, Boxster Spyder and new Porsche Cayenne car models.

Apart from the design and production, the task at hand encompasses international project management including the overall responsibility for nine different language versions, which entails translation management and the approval process with the Porsche subsidiaries.

In numbers: 7 brochures, 9 languages, 8,900 pages, 1 corporate design.

The Volvic 14-Day Challenge

[Translate to Englisch:] Volvic 14-Tage-Test

In March, Danone Waters Deutschland launched the Volvic 14-Day Challenge: „Drink 1.5L of Volvic every day for 14 days.“ The  multimedia campaign comprises a TV spot and number of different online activities alongside some extensive POS measures. Ruschke und Partner oversaw the POS communications and carried out an integrated mailing campaign for trade partners.

With a 23.6% share in turnover, „Volvic naturelle“ is the market leader in the still water segment. „Volvic with flavour“ is the market leader in the flavoured water segment with a 21.7% share in turnover.